Super Stong Stickiness All-weather Self-adhesive Tape 全天候超強力帆布修補貼  
What is PETACKS?
- Self-adhesive repair tape for various purposes.
- Excellent durability and water-proofing for truck tarp and tent repair, due to super high strength polyester fabric.
- Adhesion strength continues for a long time(The adhesion strength improves as time advances).
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Standard Roll Size:
Petacky: 14 cm x 25 m, 5 cm x 25 m, 3 cm x 25 m
Petacks: 14 cm x 25 m



How to use:

For Easier handling:
Cut PETACKS into suitable size for the object by scissors or cutter knife. Recommed to cut into 20-30% larger than the size of the object and round off the corner of the piece.

< Note>:
- Keep out fire at the working site and keep air ventilated.
- The adhesion may not perform very well under the condition at below 10 degrees C. Recommend to use this PETACKS under the condition at 20 degrees C or higher, or warm up PETACKS and the repair object by hairdryer etc. prior to application.
- Avoid contact with the adhesive surface of PETACKS. Adhesion strength may decrease. -PETACKS is not reusable after use.
- Not suitable to apply to the objects with releasability such as polyethylene, polypropylene. silicon and fluorine resin.
- In case of eye contact, get medical attention after washing your eyes with a lot of water.
- If swallowed, spit it out and get medical attention if necessary.

Handling information:
1. Please refrain from applying this tape to the area where heavy weight or tensile strength is constantly applied.
2. The adhesive residue may be left on the repair object when removing this tape applied to the object for a long time. Please refrain from apply this tape to the object that adhesive residue left becomes a problem.
3. Recommend not to apply this tape to flaky painted surface.
4. The adhesiveness may vary depending on the object applied. Please test prior to application.
5. Cold conditions may reduce the adhesiveness.
6. For use under cold conditions, warm the tape up in advance.
7. For storage of remaining tape, store at around 20 degrees C. Avoid direct sunshine and high temperature.
8. Do not use this tape for other than original purposes.
9. Ventilate when using in closed room, as this product emits an odor associated with the adhesive.

Disposal of the product:
For disposal, please follow the instructions below.
1. Follow Waste Management Law and regulation of local government
2. Ask for the disposal to the licensed industrial waste disposer
We take all possible measures to ensure the product quality, however, if there is a defective product, please let us know the roll number and lot number immediately.