Plastic Poly Fence/Snow Fence橙圍網:





Satification from easy set-up and pay less. 
It's poly fence

Size: 1m x 50m

尺寸: 1米高 x 50米闊

Color: Orange, (Green, Blue, Black)

顏色: 橙、(綠、藍、黑)

Model: Poly Fence橙圍網

New type of fence for fast and easy-up. Polylence, made of polyolefin, is gently flexible and ideally light weight for anybody to easily install. Also, it is featured with excellent durability, easy transportation ans storage, competitive price and advanced concept of design for safe handling. Now, all these advantages will bring you a whole lot of satisfaction.

Polyfence is free from corrosion and has long durability with ultra violet inhibitor added.

Polyfence is air permeable so the original shape is maintained. Will withstand temperatures from -60 °F to 180°F.

Ideal for use as a temporary or permanent enclosure.