PE Tarpaulin 尼龍草布 :

籃白尼龍草布 現貨尺寸 Cut Size : Blue/White Stripe Tarp

10'x10', 10'x15', 10'x20', 10'x24',
12'x12', 15'x15', 15'x20', 16'x20', 15'x30',
20'x20', 20'x25', 24'x35', 20'x30', 20'x40', 20'x50',
30'x30', 30'x40', 30'x60',
40'x40', 40'x60', 50'x50', 60'x60'

另備特厚料籃白尼龍草布 : Extra Thick Type Blue/White Stripe

現貨尺寸 Cut Size :

10'x10', 10'x20', 16'x16', 16'x20',
20'x20', 20'x25', 20'x30', 20'x40',
30'x30', 30'x60', 40'x40'


P.E. Tarp


P.E. Tarp

P.E. Tarp

P.E. Tarp

P.E. Tarp

P.E. Polyethylene woven Fabrics

Our Polyethylene woven Multi-Tarp is today's answer to old-fashioned nylon or canvas tarpaulin. Manufactured under stringent control, they're durable, water-proof, weather-resistant, yet surprisingly light. Economical and convenient, they're good for all kinds of uses.

Our P.E. Multi-Tarp comes in sizes ranging from 5' x 60' x 300' and may be made-to-order.

Each piece is available with the following specifications:

  • Double-stitched hem with P.P. reinforcing rope.
  • Vinyl coating on both sides.
  • U V treatment on both dies.
  • Heat-sealed seams.
  • Rust-resistant grommets on sides and corners.

    We offers a line of flame retardent vinyl coated and laminated fabrics. These products meet the National Safety requirements.

    P.E Tarpaulin Usage: Truck Cover , Boat Cover, Utility Cover , Campers Use, Luggage Carrier , Windbreak, Tent Floor , Container Liner, Civil Engineering , Recreation, Agricultural Use , Canopy, Personal Sun Visor , Irrigation Dam ... 100% Water Proof Plastic And Cotton Tarpaulins 100% Water Proof Tirpals Truck tirpals Polyethene Cover Grey Canvas Cloth White Width LDPE HDPE Fabrics Fabrics in Rolls